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Metal Railing Designs

Published on September 23rd, 2022

When it comes to boundary fencing there are a number of choices including wood or aluminum, however, the most popular choice is metal railing. They are often visible in a number of places from residential areas, to public open spaces and commercial properties. With a vast array of distinctive designs available on the market, it might be hard to choose the right one for your next project.

One of the most obvious advantages of choosing metal railings is the vast selection of designs, you can choose from. If you need to match older heritage sites then this can be achieved with metal railings. Alternatively, this can also be achieved if you are looking for a modern sleek look.

Some of the most popular designs include;

Bow top Fencing and Gates

Suitable to multiple situations, from playgrounds, schools and residential locations. Bow top can vary in height and gauge, offering both security and demarcation. Regularly used in housing developments surrounding playgrounds, providing a safe children’s area. Dog access is restricted by a tight maximum gap below the lower fence rail. Access is gained by sprung loaded single gates and maintenance access via lockable double gates. Usually finished in a coloured powder coat paint.

Bow top fencing as with all other fencing can be curved to suit a radius as well as ‘raked’ to run up a slope whilst maintaining vertical hoops. 

Interlaced Bow top Fencing and Gates

Decorative, dignified and durable, this fence design provides the ideal compliment to a rose garden, cascading waterfalls and ponds or for a respectful border to a place of peace or business. It is suitable for many locations where visitors are encouraged to respect and appreciate their surroundings, whilst permitting clear unfettered visibility. 

Solid Vertical Bar Fencing and Gates

Available in wide range of design options, from the simple elegance of a solid vertical bar fencing, to the decorative styling of the traditional regency style fencing can be customised with a wide choice of final tops for the infill bars and posts.

Used to grace a variety of boundaries including parks, schools memorials and allotments offering security as well as edging.

Flat Top Fencing

Flat Top Fencing, is a delightfully simple no frills design, which is suitable for boundaries and borders where a minimalist approach best enhances the location. It is a perfect choice for areas that require a fence which is safe, strong and sustainable and still defines the boundary with the slightest of impact on the eye.

Benefits of metal railings


Steel is well known for its ability to withstand the toughest conditions. This makes it the perfect selection for the material used to create your metal railings. When compared to alternatives such as wood or PVC metal is extremely durable being able to withstand extreme weather and also any tampering from passers-by. The weight of metal railings means that they tend to hold more firmly in the ground than alternatives and therefore will often be standing in many years to come.


Unlike some of the other options available the maintenance of metal railings is minimal. They will hold there colour so no painting or heavy cleaning should be required. Many people choose wood as it is the least expensive but if you factor in the amount of maintenance required this may not be the case.

Steelway’s Metal railings

Metal railings are tough, dependable and good-looking. The superior strength and minimal maintenance involved in installed metal railings should definitely make you consider them for your next project. Here at Steelway we love metal. We have created an extensive range of steel railings options for you to choose from.

We can provide site surveys, free quotations and free advice on choosing the right kind of metal railing for your application. For more information on our metal railings please click here.

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