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Importance of fire safety standards in architectural design.

Published on November 14th, 2022

As buildings modernise and promote creative architectural designs, fire safety standards set a constraint on the possibility of what could be. Many innovative building designs now utilise fire safety engineering giving designers the freedom to select the most efficient design.

However, there are many potential pitfalls and risks if the design process is not well coordinated. This could be to the approach of the design leading to fire safety and leaving it too late so that many areas remain uncovered becoming a bigger problem during construction when remediation is costly.

So the key to a successful and efficient design execution is to involve fire engineering in detailed consultation with the design team and the approval authorities. In particular, investing in fire safety and fire escape stairs is of the utmost importance as well as complying with relevant building regulations to reduce any possible risks.

At Steelway, we are able to manufacture external fire escape stairs covering multi-storeys providing external exits for building occupants. Since 1928 we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in the design, manufacture and installation of fire escape staircases for industrial, residential and commercial buildings.

We believe that steel staircases should be architecturally striking yet they shouldn’t compromise the safety aspects. The design of a stairway is primarily governed by the intended purpose, the anticipated frequency and the volume of usage.

By combining different structural and aesthetic details, we can provide a multitude of options for both residential and commercial properties. Steelway is able to design, manufacture and install anything from basic steel stairs to elaborate bespoke steel staircases.

Our metal fire escape stairs can be finished with a range of balustrade & handrail options. There are also a variety of tread options available for the stairs in order to create the desired finish.

Fire Escape Stairs Features:

●All fire escape stairs are manufactured to relevant Building regulations & British Standards and loadings

●Various materials, balustrade and tread combinations available to meet different applications

●3D drawings & calculations provided

●Site surveys/technical visits can be carried out if required

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