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Bespoke additions to our defender access cover range

The Defender range of access covers and frames are designed for use on a variety of applications that require frequent opening and are subject to slow moving vehicular traffic. Its frame design offers excellent stability under load. Galvanized to BSEN ISO1461 as standard with internal fixings for increased security. There are also a large range of additional features available dependant on the environment. Here are some of the latest features utilised on real projects:

Over pumping flap on access cover. Over Pumping Flap

This installation of a two Defender single covers features the additional over pumping flap feature. This unique design allows the flap to be opened whilst the main cover is closed creating a safer working environment.

Vented Cover Vented Covers 

Ventilated covers can be used where gas pressure needs to be relieved within the chamber. The ventilation such as this one can be designed to combat entry from Rodents.

walk on mesh grids Walk on hinged mesh grids

Our installation team recently installed an 8 cover Defender access cover featuring the optional walk on hinged mesh grids.

Green anti slip coating Green anti slip coating

These access covers feature the green anti slip coating specifically designed for pedestrian duty applications and in this instance were sited in a grassland area.

There are a range of other optional features available if you would like more information please email your project details to

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