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58 Security Covers manufactured for prestigious contract

Published on January 30th, 2020

Steelway Brickhouse have recently secured a large order to supply a prestigious contract with 58 number Defender Torsion Spring Access Covers and frames complete with safety grids.

Using the companies state of the art in house 3D parametric design software we were very quickly into production and laser cutting on our 2 lasers made short work of the steel elements. Using our 2 number CNC presses we were able to convert the flat patterns into the familiar “U” shaped frame channel and the fabrication could commence within 48 hours of the order being received.

Our design and manufacturing philosophy is based upon Kaizen principles providing us with greater manufacturing tolerances. Kaizen principles allows us to manufacture the frames and covers separately from each other, unlike in days gone by when they were match marked and the covers were tried in the frame prior to sending to the galvanisers. Kaizen principles has provided much more consistent products, repeatability of manufacture and shortened lead times.


Managing such an order does have its challenges especially with tight lead times and regular customer orders which still need to be fulfilled. We currently produce on average around 210 torsion sprung access covers in a month and ensuring that the components are available does require meticulous planning especially when a 1 off order for 58 comes along.

We feel very privileged to undertake such a contract but are very confident that we can meet the demands of a very busy marketplace.

Defender Torsion Spring Access Covers

The Steelway Defender range of access covers and frames are designed for use on applications where there will be frequent opening but slow moving vehicular traffic. The heavy gauge torsion springs on this range allow easy opening by one person. The covers incorporate a deep channel frame which is sealed by EPDM or Nitrile and can be drained into the chamber or by weep pipes externally. Its frame design offers excellent stability under load and can be supplied to a FACTA D loading. Size doesn’t pose any restrictions, our Defender range has been used on chambers that are 5m wide by 50m long.

If you have a project which requires access covers we would love to hear from you contact Steelway Brickhouse on 0121 521 4500 or click here to us our contact form.

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