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Protective Treatments
Steel Handrails and Guardrails can be supplied in the following finishes:

i) Self colour.
ii) Red oxide metal primer.
iii) Hot dipped galvanized to BSENISO 1461. Recommended for exposed or corrosive conditions. Decorative paint finishes can be applied by the customer on top of galvanized materials, but a suitable priming system must be used prior to painting.
iv) Nylon/Plastic coated. Not recommended for exposed conditions.
v) Chrome plated, polished and powder coated finishes are available to special order.

Aluminium alloy and stainless steel do not normally require protective treatment. However. where additional protection or improved appearance is thought necessary, then aluminium can be anodised and stainless steel polished. Note: Some discolouration may occur on Aluminium bends and heat affected areas when anodised.

Steel Handrails
Tubular and Solid mild steel handrails are available in a range of sizes

26.9 o/d x 3.2mm wall minimum, (1.87kg/m)
33.7 o/d x 3.2mm wall minimum, (2.41kg/m)
42.4 o/d x 3.2mm wall minimum, (3.10 kg/m)
48.3 o/d x 4.0mm wall minimum, (4.39kg/m)

25mm dia. solid bar (3.85kg/m)
32mm dia. solid bar (6.31 Kg/m)

Stainless steel handrails are available with ball type standards, but all welded construction can also be accommodated. Aluminium tubular handrail is also available on request in a range of sizes.

Handrail Standards
Tubular and Solid ball type mild steel standards are available in a variety of types and sizes. For further details, including types of base fittings, see page 13, 14 & 15. A steel handrail system may be tubular or solid, or a combination of both e.g. tubular handrails with solid standards. However, it is important to select a standard with adequate ball size to be compatible with the diameter of steel handrail to be used, as illustrated below.

Steel Handrails and Guardrails

Note: All standards are compatible with 25mm and 32mm Solid Handrails. Details regarding the spacing between Standards at different Loadings are given on page 13. Aluminium tubular Standards are also available to complement the Aluminium tubular handrailing.

Gates and Safety Chains
Where loading access is required for a mezzanine floor, or for protection across openings at the head of stairs and ladders. we can supply gates of tubular construction to match the design of adjoining steel handrails. Alternatively, safety chains can be provided. Chains are galvanized mild steel, smooth welded to BS4942 and supplied with hooks, split rings, shackles, eye bolts and snap fasteners as required.

Infill Panels and Mesh Guards
Where a two line system of steel handrail is preferred or for existing steel handrails where the need arises for additional protection, we can provide infill panels. These panels consist of 50mm sq. welded mesh constructed from 3.25mm dia. wire with heavy gauge wire frame surrounds and supplied complete with fixing clips for securing to steel handrails.




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