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Steelway solid vertical bar fencing is available with the widest range of design options. To suit all tastes and locations it ranges from the simple elegance of Steelway Traditional solid vertical bar fencing to the decorative styling of the Steelway Regency fencing. The Steelway sold vertical bar fencing can be customized with a wide choice of finial tops for the infill bars and posts.

Used to grace a variety of boundaries including parks, schools memorials and allotments; its applications are limited only by the extent of your imagination. With its range of heights it is suitable for securing either free standing or when fixed to walls.

Available in heights from 1.0m up to 2.4m high with matching single and double gates.

Designed with safety in mind and manufactured to approved ISO 9002 Quality Assurance procedures and BS 1722 Part 9 requirements.

  • Manufactured with solid vertical upright infill bars and fully welded to steel flat top and bottom horizontal rails.
  • Using mild steel materials, made from 100% recyclable steel and locally sourced
  • 100% fully welded for maximum strength and durability.
  • Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461:1999.
  • Optional powder coating to BS EN 13438:2005, using non-toxic powder.
  • Secured with tamper resistant fittings as standard to minimize theft.
  • Matching single and double leaf gates available.
  • Hand fettled to remove any galvanizing sharps.
  • Posts available with loose cleats (on request) to allow for minor variations in ground levels or panels can be raked to suit more significant falls.
  • Free site survey’s (mainland UK)
  • Delivered direct to your site or to your place of work
  • Spare parts available from stock

Steelway Traditional Solid Vertical bar fencing can be supplied with blunt top infill bars and post caps or customized with a variety of both bar and post finials. Minimum fence height on designs with finials is 1.8m high.

Steelway Regency Solid Vertical bar fencing has square angle to view infill bars with decorative finials. The posts have ball finials.

Optional Extras
- Decorative post finials.
- Decorative infill bar finials.
- Raked panels to suit site gradients.
- Radius panels to suit site curves.
- Steel bark retainer.
- Laser cut decorative profiles.
- Base plated posts.
- Cranked posts (for wall applications).
- Fantails.

- Housing.
- Public Buildings
- Formal Gardens.
- Schools.
- Parks.
- Commercial properties.
- Allotments.

solid vertical bar solid vertical bar solid vertical bar

solid vertical barRegency Solid Vertical Bar Fencing

solid vertical barTraditional Solid Vertical Bar Fencing

solid vertical bar

solid vertical bar

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